Save on Four-Season Solutions™.

Introducting AMVAC'S 2018 Early Order Program featuring PREMION and PREVIA fungicides -- and more.

Get reduced pricing of $10 off per gallon of PREMION, rebates and effective control of anthracnose in spring, fall diseases, snow mold, dollar spot and brown patch..

  • PREMION is a premix of PCNB (FRAC group 14) and tebuconazole (FRAC group 3)
  • PREVIA is a formulation of chlorothalonil (FRAC group M5) that field trials also prove is an effective and reliable performer in rotation programs
  • Put these two products to work for you and save all season long when you order between August 20 - December 1, 2018

See flyers below for more details.

AMVAC® Early Order Programs

AMVAC Early Order Programs


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