Dense and virtually disease free

Tight Sod Kniƫng for Faster Lifting: In rigorous sod‐stretching treatments at the Universities of Nebraska and Maryland, Liberator withstood 32.7 kgs. of tear tension, ranking it among the top 2 varieties. Some older bluegrasses ripped with as little as 12.7 kgs. of ap‐ plied force. Similar results were found for shear strength and traction at the Univ. of Massachusetts. For the sod producer, this means earlier, easier lifting. For athletic fields, it translates into surer footing, with less ripping and tearing.

  1. Chart-topping rhizome knitting is a sod-grower's dream

  2. Proven quality performance with over a decade of US and Canadian university trials

  3. Produces a fast germinating, dark green turf that's dense and virtually pest free