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Making Simplot Turf & Horticulture a part of your team

Maintaining healthy, beautiful turf and plants can be a challenge. It requires constant attention to soil conditions and climate, insight into what is working in other applications, and a deep knowledge of plant science and the available solutions. Learn more about how Simplot T&H can deliver the expertise, service and products you need to thrive in your turf and ornamental business.

It comes down to relationships.

It comes down to relationships and the reputations you build with people. They need to trust you and trust their job with your decision. Browse below to learn more about the Simplot Turf & Horticulture difference.

Simplot Partners Reps are an extension of your team

Part of Your Team

Ready and committed to get you the right products when you need t...

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full-product line

Full Product Line, Unique Solutions

We are your direct connection to the full range of turf and horti...

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Unbiased Expertise

Our experts are committed to your success, providing unbiased exp...

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Exclusive Specialty Products

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EPA registered pesticides for use in turf and landscape

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A series of products affecting the color of the foliage, through ...

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Products designed to stimulate growth and aid in the strengthenin...

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High Performance, Liquid Specialty Fertilizers

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Products designed to enhance the physical, chemical and biologica...

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Water-soluble plant nutrient formulations that provide an array o...

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Spray adjuvant products to enhance the performance of pesticide, ...

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SurfPack® offers a variety of soil surfactants to prevent and tre...

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TechPack® Overview

Superior technology in a broad range of applications.

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WaterPack® Products related to the use or appearance of water in ...

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FUSN Nitrogen Fertilizer Image

FŪSN® Fused Sulfate-Nitrate Turf Fertilizer

A better source of turf nutrition

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GAL-XeONE logo

GAL-XeONE® Controlled Release Fertilizer

Nutrient efficiency that lasts.

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UMAXX Product Logo

UMAXX® Stabilized Nitrogen

Simplot Turf & Horticulture offers a variety of products that con...

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