SoilPack® Overview

Part of the Simplot Turf & Horticulture PerformancePack™


Improved soil health for improved plant response

SoilPack® Products:

  • BioPhase™ SBE Soil Biology Enhancer
  • BioPhase™ 2-0-3 WC
  • SP EcoGreen® 5-3-2
  • SP EcoGreen® 7-2-1 with soil surfactant
  • SP EcoGreen® 12-4-6 with micronutrients
  • SP EcoGreen® 5-6-5 with 2% humic acid
  • SP EcoGreen® 9-1-3 with 1% humic acid
  • TruGyp®
  • TruLime™
  • RhizoMate™ HLC (liquid humic acid)
  • RhizoMate™ WSG (soluble humic acid)


Products designed to enhance the physical, chemical and biological components of the soil for improved plant response.

Products designed to influence soil health.

SoilPack® Features:

• Natural-organic granular fertilizers
• Natural-organic granular fertilizers bridged with readily available nitrogen for staged release of nutrients
• Highest quality gypsum and limestone calcium products
• Highest quality water-soluble and liquid humic acid products

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SoilPack® Products

BioPhase-WC Liquid Fertilizer with earthworm casings and amino acids
RhizoMate Water Soluble Granule