SoluPack™ Overview

Part of the Simplot Turf & Horticulture PerformancePack™


Highly soluble plant macronutrients and micronutrients

SoluPack™ Products:

  • Bermudagrass Special® 20-5-30
  • Iron Chelate™ 20% Fe
  • Manganese Chelate® 20% Mn
  • Potassium Special® 10-20-30
  • Rapture™ with micronutrients 4-0-4
  • SP All Purpose® 20-20-20
  • SP Bentgrass Formula® 28-8-18 with UMAXX®
  • SP Rapid Green® 20-0-20
  • SP Root Enhancer® 12-31-14
  • SP Summer Aid® 25-0-25 with UMAXX®
  • SP Super Cal Formula® 15-0-15


Water-soluble plant nutrient formulations that provide an array of nutrient application options for turf & ornamental applications.

Products designed to solubilize easily to deliver NPK and micronutrients.

SoluPack™ Features:

• Convenient water-soluble formulations
• Stabilized & readily available nitrogen sources
• Variety of N-P-K analyses
• Chelated micronutrients
• Specialty iron, manganese, and calcium formulations

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SoluPack™ Products

Soluble Fertilizer for Bermudagrass product image
SP Root Enhancer product image