SurfPack® Overview

Part of the Simplot Turf & Horticulture PerformancePack™


Defeat water repellency and stop dry spots

SurfPack® Products:

  • Brilliance®
  • CounterAct™ Firm
  • CounterAct™ Retain
  • Compel®
  • Compel® Plus
  • Forte™
  • Rely III™
  • ReWet®
  • Syringe®
  • Syringe® Ultra


SurfPack® offers a variety of soil surfactants to prevent and treat water repellency that can result in localized dry spots.

Get the most out of your water.

SurfPack® Features:

• Chemistries designed to prevent and treat localized dry spot
• Promote hydration of hydrophobic soils
• Improved water infiltration and uniformity in the soil
• Spray, granular and injection formulation options
• Hose-end syringing tablets
• Unique protein-surfactant complex chemistry

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SurfPack® Products