FŪSN® Fused Sulfate-Nitrate Turf Fertilizer

Deliver nitrogen to your turf in both nitrate and ammonium forms, plus essential sulfur for overall health

Early and ongoing nitrogen supply

FŪSN® | A Better Source of Turf Nutrition

Fused Sulfate-Nitrate Turf Fertilizer

A highly improved turf nutrient from a fused sulfate-nitrate molecule that provides rapid green-up in turf

Now you can improve your turf with Simplot’s FŪSN®, the innovative ammonium nitrate–based fertilizer that reduces detonability by fusing ammonium nitrate with ammonium sulfate. With two forms of nitrogen plus essential sulfur, FŪSN® improves plant nutrition and uptake. This pioneering fertilizer is delivered in uniform granules to balance the delivery of nitrogen and sulfur to the turf.

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  1. Powerful Turf Nutrition

    Delivers nitrogen in both nitrate and ammonium forms, plus essential sulfur for turf health

  2. Innovative Formulation

    Fused sulfate-nitrate molecule of plant-available nitrogen that provides early and ongoing nitrogen supply

  3. Improved Turf Health

    Rapid green-up and uniform nutrient distribution without triggering excessive top growth

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