GAL-XeONE® Controlled Release Fertilizer

This exacting, controlled-release technology delivers predictable performance of plant nutrients for nursery, turf and ornamental applications.

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Simplot GAL-XeONE®

Nutrient Efficiency That Lasts

Simplot GAL-XeONE® controlled release fertilizer provides continuous nutrition to match a plant's growth cycle and is available in a variety of products we offer.

Simplot GAL-XeONE® is a controlled-release fertilizer with a new, advanced polymer coating technology that effectively controls nutrient release over an extended period. The proprietary reactive layer coating was created with support from NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. We offer formulations that are suited to the specific nutrient requirements of turf, ornamental and nursery applications.

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  1. Provides controlled nutrient availability for efficient plant uptake

  2. Controlled nutrient release for up to 18 months

  3. Reduced nutrient losses, volatilization, and leaching

  4. Reduced labor and logistics costs from fewer applications

  5. Tested to 100°F - the highest threshold in the CRF market

GAL-XeONE® Products