12-0-0 Six Iron®

Nutritional designed to enhance color.

A simple, cost-effective, high quality blend of readily available color promoting nutrients including urea nitrogen and iron sulfate.

  1. A convenient blend of readily available nitrogen and iron

  2. Designed to provide a quick dark green color enhancement of plant foliage

  3. Liquid formulation for convenient addition to any spray tank mix


Total Nitrogen (N)
Sulfur (S)
Iron (Fe)

Directions and Usage

Application rates should be based on tissue or petiole analysis. On plants with waxy leaf surfaces, 12 ounces (355 mL) of a non-toxic wetting agent per 100 gallons (380 L) of finished spray will aid leaf penetration. Add Six Iron® 12-0-0 to half of the water, then agitate while adding remaining water. Add urea or other fertilizers. Add herbicides last while continuing to agitate tank contents. Spray solution as soon as possible. Six Iron® 12-0-0 tank mixes are generally stable; however, agitate prior to spraying if mix has been standing for over 24 hours.