46-0-0 UMAXX®

An improved nitrogen source that reduces volatility and prlongs availability in soil.

Research shows that at least 30% of the nitrogen from urea can be lost into the atmosphere through volatilization. Additional nitrogen loss can occur through leaching and denitrification. UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen works with nature to prevent nitrogen loss by using a urease inhibitor to stop volatilization and a nitrification inhibitor to keep nitrogen in the soil where it can be used by the plant.

  1. Maximum performance with optimum long-lasting color without triggering excessive growth

  2. Stabilized nitrogen from UMAXX® protects against nitrogen loss from volatility, leaching and denitrification

  3. High solubility providing extended availability in a liquid application


Total Nitrogen (N)

Directions and Usage

See label for recommended usage rates.
Apply to dry turf or foliage and irrigate thoroughly immediately after application.
Keep away from pools, ponds, etc. Do not contaminate potable water.
Avoid application in moderate to high wind conditions to prevent drift and uneven distribution of fertilizer.