Amino Calcium™ 6-0-0

Combines an amino acid based fertilizer with calcium.

Amino Calcium™ 6-0-0 provides the advantage of having a liquid, amino acid based fertilizer with the added benefit of calcium.

  1. Amino acid based fertilizer with the added benefit of calcium

  2. Combination of nutrients is ideal where high sodium salts are prevalent in the irrigation water and soil

  3. Well suited for use in times of high temperature stress periods


Total Nitrogen (N)
Calcium (Ca)

Directions and Usage

Amino Calcium™ 6-0-0 can be foliar applied or injected through the irrigation system. When applying to foliage, it is important to uniformly wet the entire leaf surface to maximize foliar uptake potential. This product can be used to help prevent and manage calcium deficiency in plants and to maintain overall plant quality.
Turf: Apply 1-2 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. every 14-21 days, no less than once per month. Apply 3 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. when needed to correct a known deficiency. Increase dosage of product and irrigation scheduling when dealing with unfavorable conditions. Amino Calcium™ 6-0-0 is an economical and non-phytotoxic approach to correct calcium deficiencies and improve turfgrass quality. It is compatible with many fertilizers and pesticides. If compatibility is uncertain, a jar test is recommended.