Compel Plus®

Surfactant and Kelp Syringing Tablet

Syringe pellet for application on water repellent soils and for management of heat stress on fine turf. (Not available in OR)

  1. Ideal hand-watering supplement to promote turf recovery in areas where soils have become hydrophobic

  2. Syringing treatment pellets contain high concentration of active soil surfactant and seaweed extract from North Atlantic Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum)

  3. Syringing pellet fits most standard hose-end applicators

Directions and Usage

Directions For Use: Insert one Compel Plus® pellet, with or without container, into the applicator jar and apply to 12,000 ft2 during hand watering and/or syringing once every month. Follow up throughout the month with Compel Plus® pellets as needed for localized dry spot and general garden and turf watering. The flow of water through the applicator should follow the molded arrow