Despot® Snail & Slug Bait

Non-toxic iron chelate snail and slug bait.

A highly effective, iron-based snail and slug bait that has a non-toxic mode of action and can be used in areas where pet and wildlife protection is a concern. When snails and slugs ingest even small amounts of Despot® Snail & Slug Bait, it causes them to cease feeding which gives plants immediate protection.

  1. Approved for use in areas where pets and wildlife are a concern (no re-entry interval)

  2. Effective against a wide variety of snails and slugs

  3. Small, rainfast pellets contain 2x the baiting points of similar competitive products

Directions and Usage

HOW TO APPLY: Scatter the slug and snail bait granules on the soil around or on the plants to be protected. Do not apply to the leaves of soft-leaved plants such as leafy greens and herbs. May be applied with other baits or fertilizers of similar particle size. Apply the higher rates if the infestation is severe or if the area is heavily watered or after long periods of heavy rain.
Re-apply as the bait is consumed or at least every two weeks. Do not place in piles. See specific directions on the label for different plant types and for inside greenhouses. Broadcast or Aerial Application: Apply uniformly with ground (granular spreader) or aerial equipment calibrated to give the correct dosage within the application rates on this label. Do not apply when weather conditions favor drift from treated areas. Do not use broadcast or aerial application on sensitive soft leaved plants such as leafy greens and herbs.
WHERE TO APPLY: Treat all likely areas of infestation, especially around perimeters of plots where these pests travel into plant areas from daytime refuge sites. Slugs/snails favor damp places and in weeds or ditches around field margins. Other favorite areas are flower gardens, rockeries, hedges, dichondra lawns, citrus groves, ivy patches, and other ground cover where they obtain shelter by day.
AMOUNT TO APPLY: 5 - 20 lbs/acre or 0.11 - 0.44 lbs/1000 sq. ft. or 0.5 teaspoons/sq. yd. Use higher rates when slug/snail infestations are high.