Eco N+® with UMAXX® 24-0-0

Stabilized, general purpose liquid nitrogen fertilizer and 1% humic acid.

Eco N+® with UMAXX® 24-0-0 is a safe, non-clogging, liquid blend of nitrogen fertilizers. For maximum results, Eco N+® with UMAXX® 24-0-0 can be used along with other NutriPack products. It is recommended that Eco N+® with UMAXX® 24-0-0 be applied along with Eco Micro Mix® Plus 5-0-0 to maximize performance. Eco N+® with UMAXX® 24-0-0 may be injected in small amounts on a regular basis into irrigation systems (fertigation).

  1. A combination of readily and slowly available nitrogen for quick color response and prolonged, steady nitrogen feeding

  2. UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen ensures that more of the nitrogen gets to the plant and is not lost due to volatilization or leaching through the soil

  3. Contains 1% humic acid derived from Leonardite


Total Nitrogen (N)
Humic Acid

Directions and Usage

Use 6-8 .oz./1,000 ft2 (175-240 mL/93 m2) per week during growing season.
Compatible with ammonium phosphate solutions, such as 10-34-0, 11-37-0, 9-30-0, etc.
Compatible with potash solutions and combinations of potash and ammonium phosphate solutions. Compatible with many herbicides. Note: Consult pesticide label, manufacturer, or perform a jar test before mixing Eco N+ 24-0-0 with UMAXX with any pesticide or other chemical.

1 fluid ounce of Eco N+ 24-0-0 with UMAXX® = 0.019 lbs. N.
Weight per gallon ........ 10.29 lbs./gal (1.23 Kg/L)