Soil surfactant.

A novel soil surfactant chemistry which contains a patented protein-surfactant complex that rapidly reduces water surface tension and drives rapid water penetration into hydrophobic soils.

  1. Forte™ is an effective soil surfactant designed for use on fine turfgrass without concern of phytoxicity

  2. Once in the rootzone, Forte™ alleviates soil water repellency, the cause of localized dry spot

  3. Enhances the infiltration and overall movement of water in the rootzone to provide enhanced turf performance

Directions and Usage

Apply Forte™ at 0.37 oz/1,000 ft2 in 2 gallons of water every 30 days (16 ounces Forte™ in 87 gallons of water per acre). Optimum performance anticipated when initial applications are made at least 30 days prior to onset of localized dry spot conditions. More serious hydrophobic conditions may require rates up to 0.74 oz/1,000 ft2 (32 ounces / acre). Irrigate as soon as possible to remove the product from leaf surfaces and incorporate into the soil profile.