GAL-XeONE® 43-0-0 Minis

Simplot's GAL-XeONE® provides continuous nutrition to match a plant's growth cycle and reduce nutrient losses to the environment.

GAL-XE ONE® 43-0-0 Minis utilizes a next generation polymer coating that encapsulates the fertilizer material to promote the controlled release of nitrogen. Mini-sized particles offer even distribution on tees and closely mowed fairways.

GAL-XeONE 43 Minis Bag
  1. A dual-reactive, layered polyurethane fertilizer coating that promotes the controlled release of nitrogen in a mini prill.

  2. Enables managers to tailor a nutritional program for optimal performance.

  3. Supports 4R Nutrient Stewardship™ by reducing the environmental loss of nutrients.


Total Nitrogen (N)
(% Slow Release N)