GAL-XeONE® ST 45-0-0

A lighter coated, shorter term controlled-release fertilizer built with advanced GAL-XeONE® polymer coated technology

GAL-XE ONE® ST 45-0-0 utilizes a next generation polymer coating that encapsulates the fertilizer material which enables managers to tailor a nutritional program for great performance. The lightly coated ST 45-0-0 provides turf managers with a controlled-release fertilizer option when a shorter longevity is desired.

GAL-XeONE ST 45-0-0 controlled release fertilizer
  1. Highest % of nitrogen available in a controlled-release fertilizer (45%)

  2. Consistent feeding for 8-12 weeks depending on temperature

  3. Non-burning, when used at recommended rates will not require immediate irrigation


Total Nitrogen (N)
(% Slow Release N)

Directions and Usage

See product label