NutraWash® II

Spray tank cleaner.

NUTRAWASH® II is an effective cleaner for metal, fiberglass and plastic spray systems.

  1. Aids in the removal of dirt, grime, grease, chemical, and fertilizer residues from the interiors of spray tanks and equipment

  2. Helps eliminate rust and scale and keeps expensive equipment in ready-to-use condition

  3. Deactivates active ingredients from prior tank mixes

Directions and Usage

For large volume sprayers: NUTRAWASH® II is effective at dilution rates of up to 1:100. One quart of NUTRAWASH® II will treat 100 gallons of water. Adjust the dilution rate as needed for individual conditions. Circulate treated solution throughout the entire spray system for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a high-pressure sprayer or hose to rinse all interior areas and tank walls. Purge hoses, spray lines and nozzles for at least one minute. After cleaning, drain system and rinse tanks and spray areas. For tanks or sprayers not equipped with hand gun or hose: Add 1 quart NUTRAWASH® II per 100 gallons of water and circulate as above instructions.