ONE SHOT™ with Dimension® and Trimec

The ultimate combination product.

BEST® One-Shot™ with Dimension® and Trimec controls broadleaf weeds and stops germination of these and grassy weeds in one easy step, while fertilizing with the number one turf food in the West, Turf Supreme! BEST® One Shot™ is the professional's ultimate combination product; combining Turf Supreme® 16-6-8, Trimec broadleaf post emergent herbicide and Dimension preemergent herbicide.

  1. Provides turf food, broad-leaf weed control and pre-emergent herbicide in one product

  2. Pre-emergent prevention of more than 40 annual weeds

  3. Apply before the germination of annual grasses to stop them before they get started while providing plant food to the turf


Total Nitrogen (N)
Available Phosphate (P2O5)
Soluble Potash (K2O)
Iron (Fe)

Directions and Usage

See product label