RhizoMate® WSG

Water soluble humic granule.

RhizoMate® 10 Water Soluble Humic Acid Granule is a soil conditioner that may enhance nutrient uptake. The granules are specifically designed for soil treatment when applied either as a spray when the water soluble granules are dissolved in water or can be broadcast applied as a dry when blended with granulated fertilizers. RhizoMate® can also be added and solubilized in water to produce a liquid humic concentrate for irrigation injection applications.

RhizoMate Water Soluble Granule
  1. Superior quality water-soluble humic acid granule derived from sub-bituminous coal

  2. Humic Acid has been activated with 'Wet Chemistry' to increase solubility and maximize agronomic potential

  3. Water soluble humic granules are 10 water soluble and ideal for sites with mix-tanks


Humic Acid

Directions and Usage

Turf: Apply 6 - 14 lbs. / Acre / Season Agronomic Crops: Apply 5-10 lbs. / Acre / Crop or Growing Season Spray Application Instructions: Mix into spray tank at a rate of 1-3 lbs. of RhizoMate® per 40 - 90 gallons water. Apply 1-3 lbs. of RhizoMate® per acre in a minimum of 40 gallons of water / month. Recommended minimum application of 2 lbs. of RhizoMate® / Acre / Month. Granular Application Instructions: Blend into granular fertilizer and apply at the rate of 2 lbs. of RhizoMate® / Acre / Application. Irrigation Injection Instructions: Inject the 12% Liquid Humic Concentrate into main irrigation line or add to wet well in such a manner that 2 gallons of the concentrate is applied per acre per month.