Right On Green

Green color spray pattern indicator.

A green liquid colorant for use with pesticide, fertilizer and/or growth regulator tank mixes to assure uniform application with minimum overlap and no missed areas. It also assures the correct operation on spraying equipment.

  1. Assures that spray applications are uniform with minimum overlap and no missed areas

  2. Can be applied with a hand spray gun, boom or backpack sprayer

  3. Color response will be temporary on areas applied

Directions and Usage

Application rates will vary due to: turf or vegetation type, height of cut, color and density; the color of the other spray solution per acre [>85 gallon/acre (>320 L/0.5 hectare) may require a higher application rate. Initial applications should be made at the highest rates. This allows the operator to become familiar with the effect of Right On Green on the turf. In subsequent applications, the Right On Green rates should be adjusted to what is appropriate for the individual operator. Right On Green may be added anytime during the spray tank filling process. Minimum agitation is suggested.