Three-way selective broadleaf herbicide.

SP 3WAY™ Broadleaf Herbicide containing 2,4-D, MCPA and dicamba is available for use on hard-to-control broadleaf weeds in both cool season and warm season turf. While many three-way products are available to control broadleaf weeds in turf, this product is unique in that MCPA has been substituted for the usual MCPP (mecoprop).

Studies have shown that MCPA is more quickly taken up by the foliage of target weeds than that of MCPP. Additionally, it was found that MCPA is more mobile once in the plant with rapid translocation and accumulation of the MCPA inmeristematic tissues which leads to better broadleaf weed control. (AR, CO, ID, KS, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, WY only).

  1. Selective three-way broadleaf herbicide

  2. For use on both cool and warm season turfgrasses

  3. Effective against dandelion, henbit, plantains, wild onion and many other difficult to control broadleaf weeds

Directions and Usage

See product label for all usage directions, rates, precautions, and application guidelines.