SP Iron Chelate™

Supplemental soluble iron fertilizer.

Designed for use as a supplementary micronutrient application product for turf and ornamental plants in a water soluble powder solution.

  1. A water-soluble chelated ferrous sulfate for use on plants as an iron supplement for added color enhancement

  2. Chelation of iron can prevent the conversion of plant available ferrous iron to ferric iron which is unavailable to plants

  3. Contains 2 iron from iron sulfate and is chelated with citric acid and EDTA


Sulfur (S)
Iron (Fe)

Directions and Usage

Turf: Apply Iron Chelate™ 2 Fe at a rate of 1.25 to 5 lbs. per acre (0.5-2 oz./1,000 ft2 ) in 45-90 gallons spray solution per acre (1-2 gal per 1,000 ft2 ). Severe iron deficiency may require a higher application rate of 10 lbs. per acre (4 oz. / 1,000 ft2 ) Always add Iron Chelate™ 2 Fe to the water first and then add other fertilizers. It is advisable to do a jar test before addition to any pesticides.