SP Manganese Chelate™

Supplemental soluble manganese fertilizer.

Designed for use as a supplementary micronutrient application product for turf and ornamental plants in a water soluble powder solution.

  1. Superior quality-water soluble fertilizer that readily goes into solution during mixing

  2. A water-soluble manganese sulfate that is chelated for sustained availability to plants as a manganese supplement for added color enhancement

  3. Contains 2 manganese from manganese sulfate and is chelated with citric acid and EDTA


Sulfur (S)
Manganese (Mn)

Directions and Usage

Turf: Apply Manganese Chelate™ 2 Mn at a rate of 0.75 to 1.25 lbs. per acre (0.25-0.5 oz./1,000 ft2 ) in 45-90 gallons spray solution per acre (1-2 gal per 1,000 ft2 ). Severe manganese deficiency may require a higher application rate of 2.5 lbs.per acre (1 oz. / 1,000 ft2 ) Always add Manganese Chelate™ 2 Mn to the water first and then add other fertilizers. It is advisable to do a jar test before addition to any pesticides.