Humectant, nonionic surfactant, wetting agent, defoaming agent.

Non-ionic and organosilicone surfactant blend.

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  1. Designed for water based herbicide application in agriculture, horticulture, industrial, turf and forestry operations

  2. May be used with most pesticides and fertilizer products

  3. Designed for fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of spray on leaf and stem surfaces

Directions and Usage

See product label for specific rates and compatibility. Carefully read and follow the specific directions contained on the label of the chemical used. Before adding SPRAY-FAST® to spray tank mixes or before using with a pesticide or fertilizer where a nonionic adjuvant is not specifically recommended but not prohibited by the manufacturer, the user or application advisor must have experience with the combination or must have conducted a phytotoxicity trial of their own. For local recommendations, consult a competent agricultural authority. Water Penetration of Hard-to-Wet Soils: For most efficient water penetration of hard-to-wet soils and the even distribution of applied moisture, use 1 pint per 100 gallons of water as a spot or area treatment.