Compatibility agent, acidifier and spreader.

A multipurpose spray adjuvant which addresses tank solution quality and prevents or corrects most incompatible tank mixes. The phosphate ester surfactant complex in Spray-Mix® improves compatibility by forming a "bridge" between incompatible chemistries, not allowing them to coagulate and also improves the spreading ability of the applied solution. It also contains phosphoric acid which lowers pH of the spray solution and protects the integrity of certain chemistries which are sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis.

  1. Prevents and corrects most incompatible tank mix chemistries

  2. Improves the spreading of the applied spray solution

  3. Acidifier protects chemistries that are sensitive to high pH

Directions and Usage

Spray-Mix® can be used to either prevent or correct most incompatible tank mixes. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. NOT FOR AQUATIC USE. FOR USE WITH PESTICIDES REGISTERED FOR AGRICULTURAL, FORESTRY, INDUSTRIAL, MUNICIPAL, NON-CROPLAND, ORNAMENTAL, RIGHTS-OF-WAY, TURF AND OTHER APPROPRIATE USES. The concentration of Spray-Mix in the spray tank cannot exceed 3 of the total amount of formulated pesticide(s). USE RATES Use 1 to 4 pints of Spray-Mix® per 100 gallons of spray solution to prevent antagonistic tank mixing conditions. Use 3 to 6 pints of Spray-Mix® per 100 gallons of spray solution to correct tank mix incompatibilities.