Drift control agent & deposition aid.

A multipurpose spray adjuvant that is a concentrated liquid premix of drift reduction polymers, retention aids and surfactant. Spray-Put® enhances pesticide performance on a wider range of weed species by improving spray droplet retention, adhesion and coverage on targeted leaf surfaces. Additionally, Spray-Put® reduces drift by mitigating the physical off target movement of spray droplets. (not available in CA)

  1. Reduces spray drift and other off target movement of spray droplets

  2. Natural polymer formulation promotes improved deposition characteristics to ensure spray droplets stay on the target plant

  3. Promotes improved coverage of spray droplet on the leaf surface

Directions and Usage

The addition of adjuvants to some pesticides and/or fertilizers and their tank mixes may cause phytotoxicity to the foliage and plant tissue. Before using Spray-Put®, the applicator must have experience with the pesticide combination, including Spray-Put®, or must have conducted a phytotoxicity test. FOR USE WITH PESTICIDES REGISTERED FOR USE ON ORNAMENTALS, GOLF COURSES, ATHLETIC FIELDS AND RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL TURF, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENTS, SPORTS TURF MANAGERS OR PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS. NOT FOR AQUATIC USE. USE RATES 0.25% to 0.5 v/v (2 to 4 pints) of Spray-Put® per 100 gallons of spray solution.

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Drift Reduction & Deposition Aid