Modified vegetable oil and surfactant blend.

A unique blend of highly refined and modified spray oil and nonionic organosilicone. Unique chemistry allows for enhanced wetting and absorption of those pesticides or products which labels recommend the addition of a spray adjuvant to improve performance.

  1. Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) to aid in penetration through the leaf tissue

  2. Improves spray application by physically modifying the wetting and spreading characteristics of the spray droplet

  3. Provides a more uniform spray deposit for improved uptake by the plant

Directions and Usage

SPRAY-SLICK® is intended for use with pesticides that are labeled for agricultural and non-agricultural uses. Not for aquatic use. The use of SPRAY-SLICK® can increase pesticidal activity where the following factors occur, but is not limited to: 1) When used in areas of the country with low relative humidity and high temperatures; 2) When used with low water volume rates of less than 15 gallons per acre; and 3) When target species are larger than label recommendations at time of application. GROUND APPLICATION RATE: 3 to 5 pints per 100 gallons NOTE: The application rates on this label are based on pesticide labels which recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant. Rates of this product may be increased or decreased for optimum results, follow pesticide labeling for proper recommendations. Before using SPRAY-SLICK® where a nonionic surfactant may not be recommended the user or applicator advisor must have experience with the combination or must have conducted a phytotoxicity trial.