A superior quality granulated limestone product.

A granulated limestone product for use on golf courses, lawns, sports fields, ornamental beds and any other location that needs calcitic limestone to address calcium soil deficiencies or correct low pH soil conditions. Available in Standard (210 SGN) and Mini (160 SGN) sizes.

  1. 95% of product passes a 100 mesh sieve prior to prilling

  2. Contains 98% calcium carbonate equivalent (CCE)

  3. High quality granulation ensures granules that are consistent for an even application and readily dissolve when contact by water


Calcium (Ca)

Directions and Usage

Apply 10 lbs. of TruLime™ per 1,000 ft2 once a month. For correctional rates perform a soil test and refer to deficiency correction rates provided by University research/extension bulletins or soil testing laboratories, or consulting agronomist.
Consult product label for correctional guidelines for pH adjustment.