Ambient Plus Turf Color Enhancer

Pigment concentrate to enhance turf color.

Contains a darker green pigment that provides even, deep color when applied to turf to improve turf appearance and serves as a spray pattern indicator.

  1. A highly effective dark green pigment concentrate designed to enhance turf color

  2. The pigment contained in Ambient Plus contains a darker green color than the standard Ambient product

  3. Versatile formulation can be tank mixed with a variety of spray applications and utilized on all types of turf

Directions and Usage

Shake before use. Ambient Plus requires agitation immediately before use. Apply at the rate of 16 ounces per acre (0.37 ounces / 1,000 ft2 ) in at least 45 gallons of water. Higher rates (up to 48 ounces per acre) may be necessary depending on the condition of the turf (i.e. nutrient decient turf, diseased turf, etc.) One gallon of Ambient Plus will treat up to 8 acres of turf.
KEEP FROM FREEZING. NOT FOR AQUATIC USE. Do not allow this product to enter sewer, lakes or streams. This product may be harmful to aquatic life.

Product Video

Ambient Plus

Turf Enhancer