Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0

A high sulfur, high phosphate fertilizer.

This ammonium phosphate fertilizer has the unique feature of containing up to 300 lbs. of sulfate sulfur, in each homogeneous ton. Simplot’s 16-20-0-(13/15S) is as versatile, as it is nutrient balanced.

  1. Makes soils more friable, improves moisture penetration and aids in residue breakdown

  2. Nitrogen is in the ammonium form

  3. Nitrogen and phosphate combination improve nutrient uptake. Ammonical form of nitrogen combines with phosphate helps the plant to utilize the phosphate more efficiently


Total Nitrogen (N)
Available Phosphate (P2O5)
Sulfur (S)

Directions and Usage

1.An excellent fertilizer for use on soils and crops requiring nitrogen, phosphate and sulfur. The nitrogen is long lasting and the phosphate and sulfur are in forms that are immediately available to the plant. 2.Adapts to a wide range of application methods: fall plow-down, spring preplant broadcast, banding at time of planting, drilled in with small grain seed, side dressed and broadcast on pasture or grass alfalfa stubble. 3. Ideal combination of N, P2 O5 and S to apply as a starter fertilizer on most crops. 4. Can be used in custom blending as a source of nitrogen, phosphate and sulfur.