These are external resources and tools we've curated to help green industry pros like you.

When we find tools that you might find valuable or helpful resources to assist you in your day-to-day operations, we'll provide links and additional information here. Browse from the available resources below.

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Simplot Partners Credit Application

Applying for Credit With Simplot Turf & Horticulture

Applying for credit with Simplot Turf & Horticulture is quick and...

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GAL-XeONE Curve Release Curve Calculator

GAL-XeONE® Curve

Find the release curves for controlled release fertilizers using ...

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BEST® Spread Rates App

Calculate the spread rates for granular fertilizer right from you...

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Bayer Green Solutions

Bayer resources for golf, landscape and other green industry info...

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Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Visit the website for resources, education and other in...

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Syngenta GreenCast Growing Degree Days

Syngenta GreenCast Growing Degree Days

View growing degree information for your zip code.

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USGA Course Care Resources

Resources from the USGA on managing golf courses.

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Syngenta GreenCast Soil Temperature Maps

Certain insects, weeds and diseases thrive in certain soil temper...

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Pullin' Weeds Podcast By Carolinas GCSA

The official podcast of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents...

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