Aerosol Foam Marker

D-BOP™ is a temporary, aerosol foam marker that can be conveniently applied from a standard marking paint applicator that accepts a standard UMA tip.

  1. Professional grade foam marker that will last 4-6 hours

  2. Non-phytoxic to turfgrass and non-staining on hard surfaces

  3. Ideal for marking sprinkler heads, valve boxes, yardage markers during aerification events¬

Directions and Usage

For best results, use when can temperature is between 40°F and 90°F (4°C and 32°C) and when no rain is expected. Shake can well for at least one minute before use and occasionally during use. Invert can (or load into appropriate marking paint wand) and hold 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) above surface to be marked. Press spray-head to the side to actuate and dispense aerosol foam. Apply foam in a circular motion to allow foam to stack on itself until desired shape and size for foam marker is achieved. Depending on wind speed and humidity (or rainfall), applied foam markers will last between 4-6 hours if left undisturbed. To hasten the degradation of the applied foam markers, overhead irrigation will disperse the foam more rapidly.