An ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer that’s innovative, socially responsible and great for your bottom line.

The technology behind FŪSN® revitalizes a proven nutrient that your plants want and need. Simplot brings you a fused ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer that delivers powerful agronomic benefits, including optimized plant uptake potential and better performance in the field.

  1. An effective ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer

  2. Homogeneous combination of nitrogen and sulfur

  3. Strong agronomic return with operational efficiency


Total Nitrogen (N)
Sulfur (S)

Directions and Usage

Read and follow application directions on the label carefully.

Product Video

FŪSN® Fused Sulfate Nitrate for Turf

Now you can improve your turf with Simplot’s FUSN®, the first ammonium nitrate–based fertilizer that reduces detonability by fusing ammonium nitrate with ammonium sulfate. With two forms of nitrogen plus essential sulfur, FUSN® improves plant nutrition and uptake.