Pigment Eraser™ II

Spray tank cleaner.

Pigment Eraser™ II is a new, professional strength foaming cleaner which will clean most stains and residues, including pigments (Ambient, Ambient Plus, Lumen), spray pattern indicators, soap scum, and many other stains on most surfaces.

  1. Ready to use without dilution and comes with a convenient trigger sprayer with a specialized foaming tip

  2. Foaming action promotes active removal of residues from hard surfaces

  3. 10 bidegradable formulation

Directions and Usage

Read and follow all precautionary statements located on the front outer label. Always wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection / face protection. Lightly wet the surface to be cleaned with water. Using warm water will improve the cleaning action of the detergent. Spray the foaming cleaner liberally onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow the cleaner to contact surface for at least 5 minutes prior to rinsing off. Wipe and/or scrub with a scrub pad or stiff bristled brush. Rinse off surface with water.

Use Pigment Eraser II often to prevent excessive build up of stains on surfaces.

Product Video

Simplot Partners Pigment Eraser

Pigment Eraser II