VerdiMate® Humic Acid

Humic liquid extract.

An organic humate product that is designed for use as a soil conditioner and may enhance micronutrient uptake.

  1. VerdiMate® Liquid Humic Extract is a naturally occurring organic humate product

  2. For use as a soil conditioner and may enhance micronutrient uptake

  3. Suitable for all soils and spray apparatus


Humic Acid

Directions and Usage

Proper timing, rate and placement of VerdiMate® is important for desired results and highly dependent on stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.

MIXING DIRECTIONS: VerdiMate® is compatible with liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, pesticides and water. Addition of VerdiMate® to these products should not be done without first testing compatibility on a small scale. When mixing with water, fill container half full, then add VerdiMate® to the remaining water prior to the addition of buffering agents and pesticides. DO NOT tank-mix with carbonate-based pesticides, as efficacy decreases. Follow all directions on pesticide labels prior to mixing with VerdiMate®.
AGRONOMIC and HORTICULTURAL USES: VerdiMate® Liquid Humic Extract is also ideal for foliar applications. Application rates will vary depending on soil conditions, plant type, nutrient require-ment and application method. Consult your local agronomist or Ag Extension Agent for more information for your specific application.
SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS: Apply 2 quarts per acre diluted with 15 to 25 gallons of water.