Lumen® Shadow

Turf Color Enhancer

Lumen® Shadow is a long-lasting colorant concentrate designed to provide a rich dark green color to turfgrass.

Lumen® Shadow
  1. Concentrated dark green colorant concentrate for dormant or off-color turfgrass

  2. Ideal for non-overseed winter colorant programs on greens, tees, fairways and sports turf applications

  3. Improves turf quality and color

Directions and Usage

SHAKE BEFORE USE! Lumen® Shadow requires agitation immediately before application.
General Turf Color Enhancement:
Apply at the rate of 3-5 gallons per acre (9-15 ounces / 1,000 ft2) in at least 45 gallons of water. Higher rates (up to 5 gallons per acre) may be necessary depending on the condition of the turf (i.e. nutrient deficient turf, diseased turf, etc.)
Dormant Turf (non-overseeded Bermudagrass)
Best results are achieved when an initial application of 5 gallons per acre (15 ounces/1,000 ft²) are applied to turf just prior to onset of complete dormancy. Follow-up applications at 2-3 gallons per acre applied every 3-6 weeks or as required based on traffic, rainfall and/or desired color.
This product is not considered hazardous under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations.