Aquasphere Pro

Convenient time-release dispenser for pond water management.

A biodegradable time-release dispenser that will continually introduce water beneficial bacteria for 30 days to reduce sludge while at the bottom of the wtaer.

  1. Convenient, environmentally safe time-release dispenser is 10 biodegradable

  2. Slowly releases water beneficial bacteria into lakes and ponds for 30 days

  3. Added bacteria consume excess nutrients and improves water clarity

Directions and Usage

Calculate pond volume: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons
Pond Treatment (based on number of gallons):
Example: To treat a 300,000 gallon pond it requires one 250,000 gallon AquaSpherePRO and one 50,000 gallon AquaSpherePRO per treatment.
Example: To treat a 1,500,000 gallon pond it requires three 500,000 gallon AquaSpherePRO per treatment.
Repeat every 30 days.
Start treatment as soon as water reaches 45 degrees
Spread spheres evenly throughout the pond
Vary the placement of the spheres monthly
Repeat every 30 days