Tahoe Blue® WSP Lake Colorant

Pond and Lake Colorant

Taho Blue® WSP Lake & Pond Color is a blended formulation of water-soluble dyes in a convenient to apply water soluble packet.

  1. Colorant beautifies murky, cloudy or off-colored water with a pleasing, natural aqua-blue color

  2. Contains more than twice the dye concentration compared to other typical pond dyes on the market

  3. Convenient water soluble packets are easily applied to lakes and ponds and rapidly distribute color throughout the entire water body

Directions and Usage

1. Determine the number of acre-feet to be treated:
- Multiply the acres of surface area [length(ft) x width(ft) / 43,560] by the average depth(ft).
2. Apply one water-soluble packet (WSP) of Tahoe Blue® WSP per acre foot, (1,234 cubic meters of water).
- Always wear rubber gloves when handling Tahoe Blue® WSP.
- Toss Tahoe Blue® WSP randomly around the body of water.
- Dispersion of the color will depend on the movement of the water, but should occur within hours after treatment.
- As needed, add additional Tahoe Blue® WSP to the water to maintain the desired coloration of the water.