Rush™ Clarifier

Lake and Pond Water Treatment.

A granular oxidizer that serves as a water treatment supplement by accelerating the decomposition of floating organic matter on water and green slime on rocks.

  1. Granular oxidizer formulation is natural and 10 biodegradable

  2. Breaks down floating organic matter in lakes and ponds

  3. Natural alternative to copper-based algaecides

Directions and Usage

Floating Organic Matter: Apply 5 lbs. RUSH™ evenly over 400 sq./ft. of surface every 7 days as needed for removal and control.
Water Treatment:
Ponds: Apply 5 lbs. of RUSH™ evenly into 30,000 gallons of water.
Ornamental water features: Apply 1 cup RUSH™ evenly into 4,500 gallons of water.
Health Maintenance
Ponds: 1 cup RUSH treats 30,000 gallons; 5 lbs. RUSH™ treats 250,000 gallons, can be treated every 7 days as needed.
Ornamental water features: 1/4 cup RUSH™ treats 2,500 gallons, repeat every 7 days as needed.
Floating Organic Matter:
Calculate Surface Area: Length x Width = Sq. ft. of Surface
When treating floating organic matter with RUSH™, treatments can be applied every 3-4 days as needed. Ponds with fish may experience lowered water oxygen levels as the floating matter decomposes. Ponds with high fish population should reduce the dosage by 50% and treat to effect every 2-3 days.
Pond Water:
Calculate Total Gallons: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons
Apply evenly over the surface area and into the water.