Water conditioning agent and acidifier for herbicide sprays.

Specially formulated blend of water conditioning agents intended for use with a variety of pesticide or nutrient applications. Effective in lowering spray solution pH and treating water hardness.

  1. Water conditioning agent and acidifier for herbicide sprays

  2. A combination spray solution pH acidifier/buffer and water softener in an easy-to-use water soluble powder

  3. Compatible with all glyphosate formulations and a range of drift retardants and nonionic surfactants and is approved for aquatic use

Directions and Usage

Always add SPRAY-RITE® as the first component of the spray mixture. Always read and follow the label instructions indicated on the pesticide or nutrient label. Do not use SPRAY-RITE® if accompanying pesticide or nutrient label prohibits the use of water conditioners or acidifying agents. Slowly pour SPRAY-RITE® into the spray tank at the point of maximum agitation. Continue filling while recirculating until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Maintain good tank mix agitation at all times until contents of tank are completely sprayed.

USE RATE: For use as an acidifying agent, use SPRAY-RITE at 1/2 pound increments per 100 gallons of spray solution until the desired pH is achieved. For hard water conditions or use with glyphosate herbicides that do not contain a surfactant ingredient a rate of 3 to 4 pound per 100 gallons may be required.

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Acidifier & Water Conditioner