SprayPack™ Overview

Part of the Simplot Turf & Horticulture PerformancePack™


Making every drop count

SprayPack™ Products:

  • Non-ionic Activator Adjuvants:

    • Spray-Wet™
    • Spray-007™
    • Spray-Put™
    • Spray-Fast™
    • Spray-Activate™
  • Oil Activator Adjuvants:

    • Spray-Slick™
  • Spray Modifier Adjuvants:

    • Spray-Rite™
    • Spray-Mix™
  • Spray Pattern Indicators:

    • Right On Blue™
    • Right On Green™
    • Tracer Green™
    • Tracer HD Blue™


Spray adjuvant products to enhance the performance of pesticide, growth regulator, and fertilizer products mixed into your spray tank and applied to your turf and ornamentals.

Products designed to help you get the most out of your spray applications.

SprayPack™ Features:

• Non-ionic surfactants for activating and improved uptake
• Organosilicone to aid coverage and penetration
• Methylated seed oil (MSO) for penetration
• Deposition aids for drift control
• Water conditioners for managing pH and hardness
• Spray compatibility agent
• Spray pattern indicators
• NPE-free formulation approved for aquatic use
• Low foam formulations

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SprayPack™ Products